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Welcome to Dance Casa Festival 

An international festival of bachata, kizomba and salsa that will take place in Budapest. See you all from September 29th to October 1st 2023!

We’re a well-established festival with Ukrainian roots, and we are happy to announce our first Budapest edition. 

We are expecting all of you from September 29th to October 1st 2023 for an amazing experience where dancers from all over the world will join us to learn, teach, have some fun, and share together our passion for dancing in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 🤩🤩


Asia Voronova

Lady styling, Urban-Kiz, Lady Styling, Tarraxo, Body Control
Is from Ukraine 🇺🇦, based in France, her talent is known all over the world
her dance styles:


Daniel y Tom (Bachata Groove)

Creators of Bachata Groove style. the’ve been working together since 2017, they opened a school in Israel🇮🇱, developed thousands of dancers.

Missy Anette

Is based between London, Vienna and Slovakia and also regularly teaches, performs and DJs at international festivals of the like of Berlin Salsa Festival, Marrakesh SBK Congress, Odessa Latin Fest, London’s ABCD and others.

Audi & Laura

Audi & Laura are one of the highest level of  International dance instructors coming to us from Spain, they have been  teaching UrbanKiz & Tarraxo  since 2016.  their kills will be shown during the Dance Casa festival 2023 Budapest edition. Dont miss your chance to meet them with us

Said Dstreet (Mameche)

Said Dstreet Kizomba teacher & performer, Said is the Creator & organizer of The Battle Kizz, coming from France 🇫🇷.⁠
STYLES: Popping, Kizomba, Urban Kiz⁠
CREW: Dstreet Cie⁠

Demetrio & Silvia

From Italy and Spain, Demetrio and Silvia are two incredible Bachata dancers that came together last year to merge their fun and smooth dance styles into a thrilling couple. Don’t miss the chance to join their workshop!

Marcell & Palma

Marcell & Palma are two talented Hungarian instructors🇭🇺, Palma is a member of Budapest biggest Mambo school, Salsa Core Club & Marcell is the founder of Next Generation Salsa one 

Barni & Lili

Professional bachata Couple from Hungary🇭🇺, Barni y Lili have won many competitions each and now teaching in a pair they are one of the highest talents. They are also creators of Bachata Life Budapest school.

Nino & Olya

Coming from Ukraine 🇺🇦, they both have been teaching in different schools in Lviv, teaching concepts and focusing on techniques rather than combos gives them a special edge in their workshops

Mou Oulad

Urban kizomba instructor from France 🇲🇫, Mou has been teaching in different festival around the world; from Bali,Dubai, Spain and much more. His unique style is known around the world

Eddy & Rita

From Hungary🇭🇺, have been in the kizomba since 2013, since then they’ve been teaching together in many places; Budapest, Madrid, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Cotonou, Los Angeles and now own their Bch school

Misi & Gyöngyi

Misi & Gyöngyi. These two complete each other with technic, experience and fresh and fun creativity on which their classes are based on. Known locally for their unique approach

Claudio & Aleksandra

Claudio Mineo and his amazing partner Aleksandra are  great instructor and a winner of Rising Stars Prague competition, they will be joining us on the Dance Cassa so don’t miss their workshops 


DJ Dimen5ions

made his name in the worldwide Bachata scene by infecting dancers with his highly energetic bachata remixes. “I Like It” was his first international hit

Dj Lenhy

I’m in Kizomba other for almost 5 years and I have started to mix in Marseille and I specialized in this field and I have participated in the events more and more with some dj who was already recognized for their talent. 

Dj Snakes

Dj Snakes from the Secret Team Dancers coming from France🇫🇷 – Dj had been producing music for many years now, snakes is known for his mixing style around the world he will be playing on the Dance Casa Festival

Poema Beatz

Poema Beatz is a music producer, dj and Kizomba dance teacher, coming from Congo where he started dancing all the way to Sweden. He had been teaching Kizomba in Sweden as well, and now he will be coming to the Dance Casa festival

Dj Azimbo

Dj Azimbo is an amazing Dj & Producer from Sweden he is also a dancer in Kizz Ryders Taxidancers team and in different parties in Sweden, so don’t miss it he is coming to the Dance Casa Festival this year.

DJ Maikiu

Professional DJ with more than 20 years of experience, born in Cuba. Coming from an entire musical family, he started his career very young to this day. He has been in this part of the world (Ukraine) for more than 10 years

DJ Diego Quintero

DJ and producer from Cali, Colombia, With over a decade of experience in the music industry, he traveled around the world, performing at clubs and festivals across 18 countries.

DJ Diego Quintero

My passion for music was born as a child when I started working as a DJ in some of Naples’ radio and discos.
The passion for Salsa and Bachata started just over 10 years ago when I started a course and since then it was love at first sight.

Dj Dva

Dj Dva is located in Cracow,Poland and he specialise in urbankiz & kizomba etc  with many festivals under his belt he also produces his own music so hear him out on https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Aq1DM

2023 LINE-UP


Urban-kiz Teachers
⭐️ Said Dstreet
⭐️Audi & Laura
⭐️ Asia Voronova
⭐️ Eddy & Rita
⭐️ Mou Oulad

Urban kiz DJs
🎧 DJ Snakes
🎧 DJ Lenhy
🎧 DJ Poema Beats
🎧 DJ Azimbo
🎧 DJ Dva


Bachata Teachers
⭐️ Daniel & Tom
⭐️ Demetrio & Silvia
⭐️ Barni & lilli
⭐️ Nino & Olya
⭐️ Misi & Gyöngyi
⭐️ Claudio & Aleksandra

Bachata DJs
🎧 DJ Dimen5ions
🎧 DJ Nino
🎧 DJ Maikiu
🎧 DJ MomoLatino


Salsa Teachers
⭐️ Missy Annette
⭐️ Marcell & Pálma
⭐️ Cristhian Garzon

Salsa DJs
🎧DJ Diego Quintero
🎧 DJ Missy
🎧 DJ Shorty

Our venue ⚜

We are pleased to bring you the best venue in town, on the University of Physical Education, where we will have three spaces for each of our dance styles and a big reception area. Perfect dancefloor, most adequate dancing conditions, great air-flow, amazing lightning, and more!

Register now and get your tickets before they are sold out!

🔥 The journey will start with a pre-party on Thursday to warm up our bodies and get into the dancing mood.

🔥 During the weekend we are holding workshops, with social and parties each day, with three different dance floors (Bachata, Kizomba, and Salsa) to satisfy the different interests of our guests.

🌺 Our team of instructors, volunteers, team members, DJs, taxi dancers and special guests will be there not only throughout the weekend, but also on Thursday and Monday for the pre and after parties, to support you and make sure you leave with the best memories of an astonishing event.
🌺 Our great location will bring you space, comfort, adequate conditions and a special vibe for you to enjoy yourselves!


In the heart of Europe, Budapest - Hungary
3 Dance floors Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba
Workshops & parties with the best international artists
3 Parties
3 Socials
Thursday Pre-party
Monday After-party
Guest& Taxi dancers
Perfect balance
... and much, much more.

Register now and get your tickets before they are sold out!

Useful information

Not sure when to buy your ticket?

Find here our pricing throughout the months, so you can make an informed decision!


Early birds Ticket
(until April 15)
Full pass: 70€
Party Pass: 60€
Until May 31
Full pass: 80€
Party Pass: 65€
Until June 30
Full pass: 85€
Party Pass: 70€
Until July 31
Full pass: 90€
Party Pass: 75€
Until August 31
Full pass: 95€
Party Pass: 80€
Until September 24
Full pass: 100€
Party Pass: 85€
Price at the door will be announced the week of the Festival

How to get there using public transportation?


Less than 10 minutes walk from our venue, you will find stops for different types of transportations. You can easily catch these from  the main train stations in Budapest (Keleti pályaudvar, Deli pályaudvar, Nyugati pályaudvar, Kelenföld vasútállomás), from the city center (Déak Férenc tér, Oktogon), or using the central tram line 4-6.

  • Tram lines: 17, 61.
  • Bus lines: 8E, 139, 105, 140, 140A, 212, 212A, 212B.
  • Night bus: 960.
  • Metro line: M2 (15min walk from the venue)

In case you are coming from the airport, you can catch a direct bus to the city center (100E).

If you have any other doubts about how to reach us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To help you get ready, we have gathered some of the hotels near our venue.

  • Novotel Budapest city: 0.5km distance.
  • Christina Residence: 0.6km distance.
  • Jagello Business Hotel: 0.6km distance.
  • Mercure Budapest Hotel Castle Hill: 0.7km distance.
  • ibis Budapest Castle Hill Hotel: 0.7km distance.
  • Hotel Charles: 0.7km distance.
  • Hotel Mediterran: 0.8km distance.
  • Gold Hotel Budapest: 0.9km distance.
    • Use our promocode DANCECASA to get a discount when booking.

You can also find plenty of places to stay near the city center.

DISCLAIMER: We are not associated with any of the hotels listed above, nor are we responsible for the bookings or quality of your stay.

Need some energy to keep on dancing? We list here some of the places nearby where you can grab a bite!

  • MOM Park shopping mall food court: Vapiano, McDonalds, Wasabi, ZING Burguer, Foodstock Étterem, a table!, Leroy bistro.
  • SOUPer.
  • Gringos Amigos.
  • Larus Restaurant.
  • Budai Kuckó.
  • Thai Ha Pho.
  • Egyetem Étterem.
  • Coffee Bean Étterem.
  • Aranyhíd Étterem Pub.

DISCLAIMER: We are not associated with any of the restaurants listed above, nor are we responsible for the quality of their products.

we are happy to assist you with any inquiry you may have, feel free to contact us directly via email or phone number

For our Happiness mangers, please contact

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